Blogger Event with DermaE

Again, I apologize for not uploading as much over the summer. This event was for DermaE’s spring product launch that happened last May. I know it’s such a delay to be uploading this just now. If you enjoy these type of video, please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. I will be uploading more videos so stay tune!


Jon’s Birthday | #thisis30

Celebrated Jon’s birthday this past weekend! We went to Clifton’s Republic Friday night, and had a pool party Saturday night. Wish him a happy birthday and give him a follow!

Instagram: @bballjon87
YouTube: bballjon87

SFC ALL OUT 2017 Conference Creatives

Hi there friends!

I know I know, it’s been a while. Yes, I got busy but it was a good type of busy. I met a new group of friends that inspired me for the past few months! I was asked to choreograph a dance production for the SFC ALL OUT 2017 Conference that happened on the weekend of Aug 3. The preparation and practices took 6 consecutive Saturdays. At first I was discouraged because only a few people would show up; like around 4-5 people when I originally asked for about 22 dancers. Things turned around 3 weeks prior the performance, 24 dancers showed up! Though it was such a short time to practice a whole 3minute routine, everyone tried their hardest to learn all the steps. Some of them even told me that they don’t have any dance experience at all! So just the efforts they had put in and by trying their hardest to attend the practices, inspired me so much! At that point, I know that it wasn’t just a group of people. It was in fact God who manifested in each and everyone of them to make sure that this number and the show will inspire the delegates; to make everyone excited for the rest of the weekend. And yes, that is indeed what happened.

Hope you enjoy!

Lets Talk..

I must be such a horrible blogger/vlogger. Even after knowing that consistency is the key in this type of work, I still don’t do so well in it. I have this random bulk of consistent blogging followed by a consistent absence in it as well. I think it has a lot to do with time and inspiration.

Time is everything; and all the other cliche things to say about time. But it’s true, without time to blog means no blog post will be up. I guess I have been busy with more important things in life lately. Or simply, my focus wasn’t so much in social media compare to how it was at one point.

These past couple of weeks has been the least busy of all the weeks since this year started.. and I have to say, I have been bummin it! Big time.. This is where the second part comes in; INSPIRATION. Yes, I have so much time lately but then I have zero motivation and the lack of inspiration to create content. I know that to get out of this slump, I have to get up and just do it anyway! Slowly, I’ll get back to the flow of things; create multiple content, be inspired and to inspire.

This is why I’m writing this.. to let you know that I am ready to get inspired once again. Where to start? Lets see where this will take me. The next few days will be hard, but bear with me. I’m trying and will be trying. To more content! Cheers!