The End of the Almond Milk Search

Hi Readers,

Long time no talk. It has been a while since I last wrote on here. I can say that I am pretty bad at being consistent in writing, or blog posting rather. I guess it has a lot to do with the lack of motivation and inspiration. Recently, I found a great source of it so here I am writing once again.

Today, I want to talk about almond milk, you’re probably wondering “out of all the topics I could talk about, why almond milk?”. And yes, I was once sponsored by an almond milk brand but this one isn’t so you can keep reading.

Recently my boyfriend became vegan for a 22-day-challenge, it’s a book actually. Though I knew it would be hard, I also knew that he could do it. That’s just the type of person he is. He finished the 22 days and I believe that he will be sticking to it. Heck, I support him and I am all for it. Part of being supportive means I also need to try whatever it is that he does. I guess it’s also the curiosity behind it.

I am a big dairy QUEEN, milk and cheese! Yaaaas. Like I seriously would even put extra cheese on my food whenever I could. But this love for dairy is the reason why it is also hard for me to go vegan. If you ask me, I can ditch the poultry, not a problem. But when it comes to dairy, that’s the hardest part.

So I decided to start with the easier one of the two; the milk. Most of the recommendations I get suggests  switching to almond milk. So I’ve tried a few in which my tastebuds totally disliked. I guess it has to do with just getting used to it.

Today, I decided to pick up another almond milk from Costco. Just their generic Kirkland brand actually. For some reason, this one tasted better than the other ones I’ve tried. I’m not sure if it actually tastes better, or my outlook for things changed that therefore made it seem like it actually tasted better. Well I have a few to keep testing it out, so I will sure update you.

I may have wasted your time reading this just to conclude that it’s not really about what brand it is, it’s the outlook on things that really matter. But seriously though, if you have any recommendations for a nondairy milk or cheese alternatives please let me know.

Till next time!