SFC ALL OUT 2017 Conference Creatives

Hi there friends!

I know I know, it’s been a while. Yes, I got busy but it was a good type of busy. I met a new group of friends that inspired me for the past few months! I was asked to choreograph a dance production for the SFC ALL OUT 2017 Conference that happened on the weekend of Aug 3. The preparation and practices took 6 consecutive Saturdays. At first I was discouraged because only a few people would show up; like around 4-5 people when I originally asked for about 22 dancers. Things turned around 3 weeks prior the performance, 24 dancers showed up! Though it was such a short time to practice a whole 3minute routine, everyone tried their hardest to learn all the steps. Some of them even told me that they don’t have any dance experience at all! So just the efforts they had put in and by trying their hardest to attend the practices, inspired me so much! At that point, I know that it wasn’t just a group of people. It was in fact God who manifested in each and everyone of them to make sure that this number and the show will inspire the delegates; to make everyone excited for the rest of the weekend. And yes, that is indeed what happened.

Hope you enjoy!


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