Lets Talk..

I must be such a horrible blogger/vlogger. Even after knowing that consistency is the key in this type of work, I still don’t do so well in it. I have this random bulk of consistent blogging followed by a consistent absence in it as well. I think it has a lot to do with time and inspiration.

Time is everything; and all the other cliche things to say about time. But it’s true, without time to blog means no blog post will be up. I guess I have been busy with more important things in life lately. Or simply, my focus wasn’t so much in social media compare to how it was at one point.

These past couple of weeks has been the least busy of all the weeks since this year started.. and I have to say, I have been bummin it! Big time.. This is where the second part comes in; INSPIRATION. Yes, I have so much time lately but then I have zero motivation and the lack of inspiration to create content. I know that to get out of this slump, I have to get up and just do it anyway! Slowly, I’ll get back to the flow of things; create multiple content, be inspired and to inspire.

This is why I’m writing this.. to let you know that I am ready to get inspired once again. Where to start? Lets see where this will take me. The next few days will be hard, but bear with me. I’m trying and will be trying. To more content! Cheers!


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