Happy Valentines day!

How’s the Valentines rush out there? Im glad to have opted from going out this time around. Im not a hater of valentines of some sort, if anything Im all for celebrating the day of hearts. But for my boyfriend and I, this is pretty much everyday.

My boyfriend asked me to be his valentines with blue bouquet of roses that came at my doorsteps. shoooo cute. He always gives me the butterflies. 🙂

And on the day of, he came to my place with two boxes. One with a giant donut (from Crafted Donuts-Fountain Valley) that says “I love you more than you love donuts” and another with a dozen of homemade pizza roses. (as many of you know, donuts and pizzas are just a couple of my weaknesses) At first, my thoughts were “how cute and creative he’s gotten. I loveeeeee it!”. Next thoughts after that were, “he must really think I’m such a fattass”. *sigh

Started the day with going to the Sunday mass, and well the rest… ended couch potato with a bunch of unhealthy snacks.


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