Gallany Cosmetics

During GenBeauty, I had the opportunity to talk to Brittany of Gallany Cosmetics. She had given me a good amount of lippies to enjoy.

If you didn’t know yet, Gallany Cosmetics is a makeup company by Ida Gal-Csiszar who is known for being the Master Chemist of two well known company which then later on led her to creating her own company. She made sure that she saved the best signature formulas for Gallany.  For more info visit Gallany Cosmetics

The lipsticks are very hydrating and they glide on smoothly. It is infused with Hungarian lilac extract, edelweiss and hyaluranic moisture magnets that gives each lipstick it’s hydrating results. They come in different finishes; some have a satin finish, and some are opaque. Overall very creamy and have unique selection of colors. My favorites are Naked, Nutmeg and Midnight.

Here’s the swatches of some of the lippies.



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