First Time @IpsyOS

Before Christmas came, Santa’s gift came a week early. I got an email stating how I’m finally an IpsyOS member.  I was ecstatic, beyond joy and speechless. I can’t believe it!! Is this true? I started my youtube to back up my blog last August. Being part of this new social media world is taking me a little bit longer to get consistent with posting. So hearing this news gave me a bit more courage to keep going with what Im doing.  I’m beyond grateful.

And today, I finally got the chance to film. Traffic wasn’t so bad so getting to the studio wasn’t such a hustle. Parking on the other hand was a handful. There’s no designated parking for IpsyOS so I had to park across the street. When I arrived, I met up with a co-IpsyOS member who came to support me on my first filming day. Thank you Melina! I also got the opportunity to meet Sonic who guided me and helped me with filming.

Woah! The filming set up is beyond expected. The changeable backdrop and the lighting setup. Yaaaasss on point! I love love it!



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