Milk Bar OC


Yaaaaaaaaaas, I always want to go here whenever Im around my boyfriend’s area. Actually scratch that, there’s also Afters, Donnutery, and OC Donut Bar.  First let’s talk about Milk bar OC.

Maaaaaan, ice-cream sandwich on point! They have the Rainbow Bar that is pretty much fruity pebble rice krispy, the orea cookie, the choco bar, the sugar cookies, and Im pretty sure there’s a couple more.. Soo pick any of those, then put your favorite ice-cream in it. YUUM!

Don’t get me started with their ice-cream flavors as well. They have horchata, taro, espresso, salted caramel, black cherry and mooooooar! Oh and not to mention they also serve milk teas and other drinks. Sigh* Im so happy that this place is only a block away.

16051 Brookhurst St
Ste D
Fountain Valley, CA 92708



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