EMC @ The Village Topanga

We are celebrating! We finished yet another term! We survived! The all-nighters paid off, so in celebration, Jeffrey and I decided to treat ourselves with clams. It’s a trip to the newly opened EMC in the newly established The Village of Topanga.

The Village is definitely such a chill spot to just walk around, window shop and well just be there to be there. They have all these wall art which are worth taking a picture with. They were very cleverly placed. Like these shown above. One with the umbrella and another with the swing. Definitely a millennial type art; 3-D art type thing.

EMS literally stands for EAT More Clams, and so that’s what we did. On happy hour, their clams are only $1.50 each. Such a deal! We also enjoyed their Truffle fries, Fish tacos and pepper chicken. We also ordered wine to toast with. Yep! I told you it was a celebration.

Lol, honestly though, I got a bit tipsy that we had to wait out and sober up before we went home. Celebration it was that we wanted, celebration it is that we got! 🙂


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