FernDell Hike


Thursday day-off, so why not put in some easy cardio? This place was suggested by one of my friends that I went with. It’s not so hard. And it’s famous for it’s man-made cutesy trail.You’ll see what I mean when you go. It’s a short walk of a quarter-mile long that then will lead you to other trails. This day in particular led us just at the foot of griffith observatory. Oh look at what girl-talks and random stories took us. But anyway, we we’re planning on going all the way up to the observatory, but then we all decided to get back to the car so we can all eat (there were three of us). We were sttttaaaarrrrrving! On the way back, we decided to take a rather steep route. And I can honestly say, I would have died! Swear! Kay. Fine. That has a little bit of exaggeration but you can’t blame me for thinking that, I was so scared of my life when i fell off one of the rocks. Tsk tsk tsk. Half way down when I started asking myself “why?!, why did I do this to myself?!” lol. Things that go through my head… But hey! We made it through!

2333 Fern Dell Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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