My first Angel’s Game


I don’t know how I got myself in to this. A few days ago, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to watch an Angel’s game. In the beginning, I didn’t know what he was talking about. But he explained that he just wanted to watch the baseball game so he can get the special online order of the filipino heritage month hat that comes with the game ticket. tsk tsk tsk. That’s why I was surprised that he wanted to watch a baseball game all of a sudden. Different agendas..

Anyway, before we head to the game, we went to eat at DimSum Seafood Paradise Restaurant with his family. It’s my first time eating at the restaurant and I have to admit, I was pretty amazed. It was basically servers walking around with carts of food, and you just order and take the food on the spot. Cray, why don’t they make more restaurants like this??.. so convenient. Only downside is that it will be too late before you realized that the whole table is filled with food. I actually enjoyed eating lunch with his family. Even though I was still shy since It has been awhile since I last time and because I’m rarely in their area (because my boyfriend usually visits me instead) I still felt welcomed by them. They kept tossing around corny jokes (according to the boyfriend), but I actually do find them funny.

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Afterwards we went to grab dessert at Milk Bar. I’ve always been wanting to go, so It was like “a dream come true” when I finally went. I didn’t know what to get though, I wasn’t prepared, there were too many selection to choose from. But I ended up with the mango pineapple smoothie and the boyfriend grabbed a strawberry ice cream.  Took it to go, and ate it at his place. Rested and watched a movie for a bit before we headed out to the game.

When we arrived at the Angel’s stadium. It was crowded, as how any typical sports games would be. Went all around looking for the booth to redeem our hats. Waaaaah! Too many filipinos! Actually, even non-filipinos grabbed and redeemed the hat. Izz cool doe, i love the love and support by other ethnic groups. As we walked to our seat, we decided to grab food and beer first. Guess what the boyfriend had in mind.. -_- A giant nacho in a hat!! (with everything on it like frealz) Fattie! Swear, this is how I will get fat. For the most part, I didn’t pay attention to the game. But don’t get me wrong, I had so much fun. Just being there along with the rest of the crowd. Enjoying the company of my boyfriend, his sister and his cousin. Talking about “japanese boy” and “the girl”. We only stayed for a couple of hours but even though it was for a short while, I still lost track of time. *sigh. Why does time run so quick when you’re having fun..

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We (all 4 of us) decided to leave the Angel’s game early to grab a late dinner. We decided on sushi but ended up eating at Umami Burger instead. No worries, not complaining. I love truffle burgers. 😉 After dinner, we separated from my boyfriend’s sister and cousin to watch a tagalog movie.

Gah, ending the night with a movie. Tagalog movie. Love Affair by Dawn, Richard and Bea if your’re wondering. I little dramatic, but I loved it. I even tried busting some of the cheesy pick-up lines on my boyfriend. But he won’t ride along. ugh! watevs! I know he loves me anyway.


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