How I Do My Eyebrows


Part 1: Groom your eyebrows

a.) Side of nose = Begins the inner section of the brows.

b.) Tip of nose crossing the pupil =Arch.

c.) Tip of nose + Outer canthus = Brow end.

Part 2: Create Desired Shape

Topline: Draw two lines; center to arch and arch to the brow end.

BrowArch: Trace starting point to end point in the desired arch shape.

Part 3: Fill Them In

Tip 1: Draw in strokes.

Tip 2: Draw in the same direction as hairgrowth.

Tip 3: Use a darker shade for the outer 2/3.

Finishing Touch: 

Use concealer for a more defined look.

Goodluck! 🙂


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