Lake Clementine


Woah! Where did you just take me?

A day early for the weekend festivities so my boyfriend and I decided to visit a very close friend of mine in Sacramento. A little off the drive to San Francisco, considering we came from Big Sur. After the jumping around and being excited about seeing each other again, I asked my friend “let’s go somewhere! Anywhere! take me wherever.” She said she’s been wanting to visit this one lake.. So I was like, “lets go then”. Oooooooh maaaan, I wished I knew what I was getting myself into. ..

That windy road gave me a headache! And when we got there, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WE STILL NEEDED TO HIKE DOWN! We were so not dressed for hiking. But you know what?! It was all  worth it. This view is breath taking.




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