SLO: Bubble Gum Alley

This recreation of the Seattle’s Bubble Gum alley, a quick stop to the San Luis Obispo’s Bubble Gum alley. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle’s, but since I can’t just go there out of the blue. With my busy schedule, the lack of funds and all, I decided to visit SLO’s instead. I have no basis to compare it with, but I was still excited to go here. It was actually a pretty long alley, but i don’t actually suggest to walk it from one side to another. My boyfriend and I did that, by the time you get to the middle of it, you will hate that you did because it REEKS! Once’s we reached the other end, we stayed there and just found another way out to go back on the streets. But other than the foul odor, it’s still nice to see this piece of art. Here’s a short clip of my visit from Solvang-PismoBeach-SLO:


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