Santa Barbara Spots

Hi hi hi! You’re probably wondering, why Santa Barbara? Well, Santa Barbara’s only a couple hours away, and i feel so guilty that I haven’t actually explored the area. Im glad I did. I spent two days here and I have to admit, they have the best hiking trails I’ve ever gone to so far. The first one we went to was the Douglas Family Preserve. It’s a cliff edge hike by the beach. It was breath taking. It’s a fairly short hike, if I were to estimate probably 1.5 mile? Im not so sure, I was having so much fun hiking with my boyfriend that I seriously had forgotten about the distance.

The next one we’ve gone to was the 1000 Steps Beach. Don’t be alarm, it wasn’t 1000 Steps exactly. I would say, roughtly 250 steps? Not so bad right? But maaan, right when you get to the bottom of it, the beach is just amazing! Nice spot to have fun and play around the waters. Not so many people go here. In fact, no one was there when we got there. Aww, I so miss it already. I definitely had so much fun!

They said that you haven’t visited Santa Barbara if you don’t stop by Mission Church. It was this pink and white church. And I heard the inside of it was amazingly beautiful. We didn’t technically get to check out the inside. But we got to walk around the flower garden they have in the front. ❤ ❤  After relaxing for a bit, we went ahead to check out the downtown. Ended up at an icecream place, McConnell’s. Apparently, it was one of the best icecream shop in the area, which I do agree. I actually wouldn’t mind just driving there every now and then. Here’s a short clip of my visit. Enjoy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Spots

  1. I started following your blog because I really like the style of your vlogs. They really capture how fun it is to explore the places you visit. Love following your travels so keep it up 🙂

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