OC Fair 2015


Seriously though, I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to OC fair. The last one i can recall was when I went there in 2011? Or maybe 2012? with my boyfriend and his cousins. But anyway, OC fair, or LA fair or which ever fair you prefer going to, the main reason we go there to visit are the rides, food and games. But maaaan, fair food doe! This year my boyfriend and I went for the deep fried white castle burger, the triple decker krispy kreme burger and the deep fried pizza. And oh maaaan, how unforgettable that deep fried pizza tasted like. I’m going to try to explain how it tasted like as much as I could, but the only advice I can really give about it, is to TRY IT! You have to try it!. So you know how fried chicken taste like right? Like popoyes? Or KFC? with the fried batter and everything? Now incorporate that with pizza all in one bite…Baaayum! Still can’t forget about it, I will definitely have more when they start LA fair. So anyways, here’s a short clip of my visit to OC fair. 🙂


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