Santa Monica Pier: Last Day with Marj

I don’t know exactly how I met Marj. All I know is that she’s one of my aunt’s friend’s niece. She came from the Philippines, visited and stayed in California for a couple months. Initially she came to present a thesis at Stanford University, once she’s done that, she decided to stay to experience the Cali life. We didn’t really hang out, or even speak to each other on our first few encounters. We started our first conversation about Intagram profiles and filters, love and life. Until one day, I just invited her to hang out, little did I know, it will also be my last time hanging out with her for a while. She’s the reason why I started vlogging. I kept on telling her to even stay so we can be bloggers together. Can’t wait for her to come back and stay for good. I don’t have much more to say, so just enjoy this short vlog I made.



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