Catalina Island

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 5.09.59 PM.png

A much needed break from all the chaos. Catalina is just a boat away, the cheapest Island trip you can ever take if you’re around the Los Angeles area. The boat departs from Los Angeles daily. The ticket varies from $37-$52, depending on the time of departure and the day of the week.

I don’t typically lean to water transportation as one of my traveling options, so you can just imagine the motion sickness I felt when I was on that boat. Luckily, i took meds that prevented me from puking all over the place. Once I arrived, I was astonished by how beautiful this place was, clear blue water, houses are petit and colorful, the island is well maintained. Definitely a must-go-to tourist spot.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go parasailing due to the weather situation, but I did get to go in an underwater glass boat that over looked the underwater creatures. Fishiiiiiessss! So nice, they all come together in a synchronized pattern. Sign* I loved it.

Over the night, I got to meet with my boyfriend’s cousin, haven’t seen her in years. She’s a chef in one of the fancy restaurant in the island. Got to have a nice chat with her over a few alcoholic beverages.

For more information about island tickets, visit

They offer free boat tickets if you book a trip on the day of your birthday. So register now!


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