Choices.. choices

Do you remember a part of your life when everything around you were something you didn’t know, and yet everything was great the way it was? That age of pure innocence. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. sometimes I wish I didn’t have to grow up and learn everything around me. Knowledge isn’t the only outcome from learning, there’s also responsibility. The more you know, the more responsibilities you take. The more responsibilities you have, the more you either want to live or the more you want to give up on living.  As depressing as that sounds.. Its true. This is how being human and imperfect is like. That all depends on the decisions we take.

Today, I woke up and yet I didn’t feel like getting up. So I stayed in bed for hours, thinking of maybe going back to sleep so that I didn’t have to face the reality of life. But that isn’t how life is supposed to be. I know, because I’ve had better days. I could say that, “life is easy”. I could get up, go by my day, sleep then wake up again the next day. The whole cycle of “as long as you get up and you’ve tried to face what the world has for you” is supposed to be enough, supposed to be easy. But life, is not easy. Everyday is a battle;a battle of the different choices we have to make.

Many things can happen through out the day, it could be good but it could also be bad. We can feel good yet we can also feel bad. Choices can be wrong and choices can be right. But yet again, life isn’t easy. Life isn’t just black and white, there’s also many shades in between. In other words, our days can’t just be good or bad, it could also be awesome, awful, breathtaking, boring and many more in between. So as feelings, feelings can be joyous, depressing, ecstatic, fearful, sympathetic, delightful. Those, those are the outcome of choices.

Having the freedom to choose is difficult, it doesn’t feel much of a freedom at all actually. It feels much like a prison, where we are entrapped by the different choices we can make. Having choices doesn’t just account for what we will feel after, it also accounts the many people involved in whatever decisions we make. We can be selfish but we can also be loving. What will you choose?

Having choices, and having to decide is what time has brought to us. And time.. it doesn’t stop. It will keep going, we will keep on growing and we will keep on learning. And as mentioned earlier, the more we learn, the more responsibilities we have. And the more responsibilities we have, the harder the decisions we have to make. Life doesn’t have to be hard, so I hope you chose to be loving.

Have a great day. Thank you for reading.


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