How to Apply: Liquid Lipstain

 Lately I’ve been asked so often what lipstick I use and how come they don’t smear, transfer or budge. Well, it really isn’t a secret. A couple of years ago, the cosmetic market started selling liquid lipstick that doesn’t smear, doesn’t transfer, and does not budge at all.  We can all say, it’s kiss proof! ;p It applies glossy and dries to matte. Once it’s dried, it is very long lasting.

Liquid lipsticks are tough to apply if you are a beginner in the lipstick world, even for myself when i first stepped in to it. So here are the do’s and the don’t that I’ve learned along the road.


1.) Do NOT press your lips together. EVER! During the application, during the drying time, and after it has dried. Why? During application/drying time; As the liquid lipstick dries, it gets tacky and sticky. As you press your lips together the application becomes uneven. Some pigments from the lower lip transfers to the upper lip, vice versa. And putting on another coat is not an option (explained in #2). Which means, you have no choice but to remove it and once again re-apply a new layer. After it has dried; For most liquid lipstick, they have this gooey/adhesive feeling when you press your lips together, which causes then again the transfer of pigment from the lower lip to the upper lip leaving patchy areas “naked” or without color. But these are just for some. Some liquid lipstick dries without the adhesive feel to it. You have have to find the right one.

2.)Do NOT put another coat once it has dried. Most liquid lipstick “cracks” if layered more that once. It might not happened as it dries, but as you go on with your day, somehow it will start cracking, crumbling and peeling. Dare to, and you will know what i mean.

3.)Do NOT rub your lips together. Once it has dried, I used to have this habit of rubbing my lips together, and in return I end up with a clumps and grains of the dried liquid lipstick.

4.)When removing, do NOT aggressively rub it off. It is very abrasive on the lips. (Try Do’s #4)


1.) Application: Work in sections! I divide my application in 4: Left Lower Lip, Right Lower Lip, Left Upper Lip, RiApplication: Work in sections!ght Upper Lip. This way I can apply the desired opacity without having to go back as it dries. It saves me time from removing it and having to re-apply if ever they end up patchy looking.

2.)Application: Use a lipliner. When I first started using liquid lipsticks, I made sure that I used lip liners so that I don’t go over the line or desired lip shape. It is also a great technique even when applying a regular lipstick.

3.) Apply lip balm. If you feel that your lips are very dry, apply lip balms! Most liquid lipstick are dual end, that comes with their own lip balm. But any lip balm will do.

4.)Removing: Use oil based make-up remover. Or any oils really; like olive oil, vitamin E oil. Just put a few drops on a cotton pad (even paper towel works) and remove it gently. It should come off easily.

Good Luck! 🙂


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