Horseback Riding in Phoenix, Arizona

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 1.39.03 AM.png

Have you ever gone horseback riding before? Well lemme tell you one thing. Media portrays it way different than how it really is. Yes it is fun, for like 10 min if it’s your first time. Going for more than that, I will not recommend. Just trust me on this.

Oh kay, okay. If you really insist. Here it goes. It felt like I was just being shaken for a good, I don’t even know how long I was on that horse. I forgot that horse’s name, so I’ll name him Jack. Jack is a good horse, he stayed on path and well he didn’t get me in any harm.

Over all, it was def an experience. Will I do it again? Probably not. Im so glad that the deal we got came with a dinner at the end location. Yee! I’m such a foodie. :p That barbecue was so good that I can still remember how it tastes. I would love to come back for it in the future. 🙂




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