Why is this day spontaneous?

These past couple weeks has been very stressful for me. I needed an escape, a sort of a reward for all the hard work I have done.  Lately food has been that escape.

I did some research and looked for a few good places to eat. I stumbled upon an instagramer (totally made that word up), who claims that he cooked the food that he would post. I exchanged a few words with him. I asked if he owns a restaurant, unfortunately he doesn’t. Hopefully my words encouraged him to have his own restaurant in the future, his cooking was great (later discussed).  He did mention though that he is one of the cook of a restaurant called Bachi Burger. I have heard and seen of Bachi Burger all over social media but never had the chance to check them out. So I decided checked the place out with my cousin.

Walking by this place, you would think that it’s closed due to the heavily tinted windows. But once you walk in, it is a decent well lit place. The server sat us next to the table of an elderly lady having dinner by herself. Since she was alone, I thought it would be nice to say hi to her. She was too cute, she told us that it was also her first time at the restaurant. She was lovely, she had this illuminating smile. Those type of smile you would see from elderly that guarantees you that they’ve had a fulfilled life. I personally love having small talks with any elderly, probably because I’ve worked with enough in my field of work. We exchanged a few sentences, a few laughs and a lot of smiles. It felt very uplifting to have given even a little bit of joy to other people.

Anyways, right after we ordered our food, the person whose instagram I stumbled upon from the night before, approached us. I felt embarrassed, since talking to random strangers over social media isn’t something I normally do. But he ended up being nice. He offered to serve us a variety of food, ON THE HOUSE! First dish, second dish, ohhh geeeze. I’ve never felt such special treatment. Our original orders hasn’t even come and we were already getting full. They were all delicious and plated so beautifully.The meat were cooked in a way that it seemed to melt in your mouth. The sauces were very tasteful. Everything else were seasoned just right.  Just by the time we thought it was the end of all the plates coming in our table, dessert comes! I felt so blessed. I took all the nice gestures as God’s blessings.  Situations like such makes me wonder if I’ve ever made any random strangers feel the same way, special.

After we left the restaurant, we decided to walk around. We met up with a friend who lives in the area, we all got to catch up with things happening in our lives. It was pleasant. Suddenly we heard a loud crash, a Volvo SUV hits a parked BMW sedan, TWICE! The driver was planning on taking off! But I guessed he realized that there were too many witnesses. He decided to park and “waited” for 5 minutes until the crowd lessened. I thought it was horrible that the driver wanted to take off, so I took his car’s plate number and waited for the owner of the car that got hit. Normally, people would just ignore such instances. I, also admit that normally it is somethings i would just shrug over. But for some reason, I decided to stay and do a little act of kindness. Thirty minutes later, the owner of the car that got hit finally came. A lady, dressed so nicely, perhaps on her late twenties. Instantly, my cousin approached her first and started telling her about the incident. The next thing we know, we were twenty, maybe even thirty minutes deep of random conversation uncorrelated with our initial intent. Hey! It isn’t bad to make new friends right? We learned that we live around the same area. How we went to the same high school. And what she does for a living! She’s a lawyer if you’re wondering. This day couldn’t be anymore spontaneous. Our conversation could have been longer if she didn’t have to go, or if it wasn’t so late in the night.

Overall, I never thought of having to encounter and experience all of these in a span of four hours! Though nothing that happened was planned. The way things were laid out in it’s sequence made me feel grateful and blessed. I got to bring joy to an elderly. Feel blessed through a stranger’s generosity. And opportunity to do a little act of kindness. At once, i was relieved from all the stress. Though I may not see or encounter these people again, I definitely experienced a rush of satisfaction.

It was indeed a very spontaneous day.


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