Loving Thy Neighbor SFC CLP 2013

Loving Thy Neighbor
SFC CLP 2013
I was digging through my journals and re-reading the notes i wrote from the past when i suddenly stumbled on one of my outlines for a sharing i made for Singles For Christ CLP 2013. I recall having a voice recording of it as well, so i dug through my laptop, i found my sharing to this particular talk: Loving Your Neighbor.
“Loving thy neighbor. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’m the right person to share about christian love. But we’re only human, and we make mistakes and we are not perfect.”
Loving thy neighbor.. Honestly, loving your neighbor could be as easy as opening the door for the person behind you, giving up your seat in the bus, saving food for others, or as simply as praying for one another. It is about being mindful that each one of us are sons and daughters to our Heavenly Father. We are special to him, therefore we should love each other the way He loves us.
But when our emotions get in the way, that is when I personally struggle the most.
I currently work at an elderly assisted living facility under the dementia unit/memory care unit. And its crazy working at such an environment! Sometimes you feel as if you’re one of them. If you dont know what dementia is, its people with degenerative neurological problems. Alzeihmers is a worse case of it. We also have a few elderly with Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental/ psychological problems. 
We have this patient. She would be screaming, crying and all around would gets in my nerve. I work graveyard, its hard to sleep during the day so having something like that is physically draining. Battling sleep is already hard enough on its own. Anyway, she would just be screaming, and yelling, kicking and biting. Sometimes i just want to leave her alone. I can easily neglect her. I can easily just leave her. But I couldn’t, because if her family put her at the facility because they couldn’t take care of her, then I want to be that one person that would be willing to. 
Have you ever felt anger, sadness, betrayal, being upset, disappointed, and all these mixed emotions that you dont understand? Well for the past few weeks, thats where I was. And its even intensified when the cause of all that pain was because of someone you truly love and care for. But thats how it is, the people we love are the ones that can truly hurt us the most. But God doesn’t give us challenges to make us weak. Its to make us strong.  The first few days, I was angry. I didn’t know what to do. All I wanted to do was to stay home. All I wanted to care for was myself. Its hard to care for others when you feel like a wreck; that you feel the need to selfishly care for yourself only. But I realized that no matter what I chose to do, the world will not stop for me. Life will move on. 
Everyday is a chance that God gives us to prove to him how much we love him. And most of the time, we express our love for him through loving one another.
With the help of my very supportive brother, or brothers because i have two, family and friends. Im slowly healing. I once again started sharing the love that God gives me. I started to appreciate the little things in life again. My parent bringing home boba teas, that quality time i spend with my siblings, the joy and laughter that the SFC community gives me. God truly works in every single person around me. Because that is God’s reason for creating us; to care and love each other. To be a vessel of God’s love. To let God work through us. We just have to trust that he has a purpose for everything. That he has plans for me and for everyone. We just have to trust in Him.God isn’t there to punish us, but to love us. You just have to trust in His plans. God is working in our lives, in every breathing moment we take, in ways that none of us will ever understand.
“God isn’t there to punish us, but to love us. You just have to trust in His plans. God is working in our lives, in every breathing moment we take, in ways that none of us will ever understand.”

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